Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ms. Mystrena is the best teacher ever.  This is because she does not agree with traditional grading system.  This week in ROGATE we are discussing all about grades.  We have had similar experiences with grades and sometimes they are an even larger problem, being "gifted students".
I think that the purpose of grades is to easily compare all students.  This is because the teachers who invented numerical grades were lazy.  It is much simpler to average, calculate and interpret numbers.  But in my opinion that system should not be used.
A 100 point scale is too much pressure on students.  For example, if the we used the 4 point scale from elementary school it would be much better.  Most kids would rather see a "3" (out of 4) on their report card that a "75" (out of 100).
Also, I don't think it's right to put a number value on student's intelligence.  Especially since different teachers grade differently- grading is subjective.  For instance, last year I had a low A in language arts, but this year I have a 99 or something.
In conclusion, I think we should switch to the standards based grading.  It is much more specific less harsh, and discourages comparison between students. Furthermore, I think that this will help communication between parents and children.  We should switch the grading system!


  1. "Also, I don't think it's right to put a number value on student's intelligence." Yes, Claire, Yes! And I personally don't believe that how well a student does on a quiz or test is a measure of their intelligence at all. It's (usually) a measure of whether or not they paid attention in class, took notes, studied, etc. That's not intelligence. I like your conclusion paragraph a lot, especially "discourages comparison between students." I don't like to compare and I don't like to hear my students comparing each other either.