Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hello my name is Claire and this is my blog. 
So this year I am in 8th grade at Northern.  I am not doing any sports but I do dance so at least that is something active.  I am also involved in FBLA (aka Future Business Leaders of America) and the school play.  It is called Canterbury Tales.  The version we are doing is VERY stupid but it is also funny.  I don't know what part I have yet but I will tomorrow!  
So far school is pretty good.  Except in algebra we have so much homework.  As electives I am taking Spanish and Career Launch (Art second semester).  I signed up for Spanish and chorus but I got put in those so oh well...
Sooooo something positive about my life'm not sure.  Don't worry I am not depressed or anything I just can't think of stuff right now.  But if I get a good part in the play then that will be awesome so I will let you know what happens.

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