Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Giver Resolution

Okay, so in class we recently read The Giver and the conclusion was rather controversial.  Some people thought that the main character, Jonas, died at the end; while others believed that he managed to survive and live a joyful life.  Here is my theory on the ending:
I think that Jonas neither lived OR died.  I know that sounds ridiculous.  My point is that it could be either one.  I think that when Lois Lowry wrote the book even SHE did not have a specific ending in mind.  The author wanted you (the reader) to make your own inference about what happened.  Then again, looking from a logical point of view, I would say that Jonas probably died.  He was starving, injured, and freezing.  It seemed impossible that he could make it.  Also, since Jonas is sledding down a hill in the end, I think that he is just recalling one final happy memory before his death.
Before I tell about interviews with Lois Lowry regarding her story, here are some random pictures of The Giver (book, not person. Oh wait, never mind.  He's in the second one.).
 So happy
 The Giver is very old
 Jonas sees color for the first time

Interviews With the Author

This interview is about the fourth and final book in The Giver "series".  Apparently the story tells of a girl named Claire (ironic, yes because that is MY name) who is assigned to be a birthmother.  She has a son (which I heard was Gabe, so maybe Son is a prequel or something) at age 14.  Although it is forbidden for birthmothers to have any "connection" to their children, Claire loves her son.  She is upset when she learns that her son is different from the other newborns at the center.  The article also says that a Giver MOVIE is being made, but I am not so sure that is true...  Even though this particular article was not about the ending, it explains what happened later and possibly Gabe's beginning.

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