Monday, January 14, 2013

My 20% Project
My project is about "the end of the world".  I got the idea when some of my friends and I were talking about dreams on the bus (I have no idea why).  I told them about I dream I had about the end of the world.  It was actually pretty scary.  Anyway, we discussed possible ways that the world could end, and that's where I got the idea for my project.  For my 20% project, I am going to do a survey in my school and online (I will post it, so feel free to comment on the survey post with your answer!) about what people think is the most likely way that the world will end.  I will also ask some students who may have different theories why they think that and include it in my project.  For the second part, I will research different theories about how the world could end and see how possible they really are.


  1. This sounds like a REALLY cool idea! I really love this topic and I think that you will find out alot of interesting information. The end of the world is really a good topic to discuss and I think that this project will come out great! Good luck!