Sunday, January 6, 2013

I think that I am supposed to post the 2012 review thing we worked on in class, so here is mine:

Reflection- I learned that I am way cooler and smarter than I thought.  Also, the world is a bad place, full of sadness and evil.  Also, life is good if you are optimistic, but I am not so there.
Another Reflection- I learned that I am very pessimistic and but that is not my fault.  The world is a terrible place and is not getting any better and also the U.S. is going over a fiscal cliff so the economy will be even worse.  Plus, there are problems with the environment like pollution and global warming.  Lastly, there is so much crime and evil all over the place.  Life is important.  You should not screw it up with drugs or bad friends.  You are in charge of your own actions so make good choices.  Some people may say that life is too short, but when you think about it, humans are the 3rd longest-living animals on the planet.  By the time I get old, there will probably be all kinds of medicines and surgeries to make people live longer.  I am just determined to have a good life and help others.  Many people these days are so selfish.  They rarely care about anything but themselves.  So to conclude my mini-theories about life, you are in charge of your own life, but there is only so much you can do to change it.  For example, it is not your fault that the economy is so bad (unless maybe if you are the president), yet you may have to cut back on gifts, transportation, or get another job to avoid going broke.  We do not make all of our problems, but it is our job to work through them and create the best life possible for ourselves and our family.  
Resolve- Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I can not think of any resolutions for myself.  I admit that I am not perfect, I just can’t think of any specific resolutions to make myself better.
Rebuff- I am sort of anti-new year’s resolutions.  We should all look for ways to improve ourselves, I just don’t think that it has to be on new year’s.  Every resolution I’ve ever accomplished was not made on new year’s.  Last year at my school we had to make new year’s resolution keys, and I did not stick not any of my resolutions.  If you have a few good resolutions for the new year, great.  But don’t feel like you have to wait until 2014 to make another one.


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  2. Wow my first reflection was really weird