Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Response to Autonomous Car Video

I think that the choice should be random.  There are too many things to consider when making a decision like this (how many people are in the car, are there a lot of kids, which car and its passengers are likely to get hurt the most, etc.).  And what about the motorcycle scenario?  Is it fair to hit someone wearing a helmet because they have a higher survival chance?  But that is also punishing them, for doing the right thing.  The best option is to make it random.  This is only fair because then the company won't fully be responsible for the crash.  Also, if consumers knew that autonomous cars were programmed to hit a certain kind of car, they wouldn't buy it.  And what would happen if the choice is between two SUVS or mini coopers?  Then, the only way to decided who to hit would be random.

As I mentioned before, I think random decisions is the most reasonable option.  It will avoid conflict, lawsuits, and recalls.   A random system mimics a human's reaction.  There would be so much debate if the software was being programmed to hit a certain person or vehicle.  It is not only illogical, but it's unfair because you can't please everyone.

No, the driver should not be responsible.  If the car is really autonomous, any accident it caused by the car- and the only reason it would happen would be a manufacturing problem.  Therefore, the company should pay.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I feel like I am making a lot of progress on my project.  So far, there have been many Fridays when I already felt finished- but when editing the last few slides, came upon some new information that sparked my curiosity.  There are a lot more elements to extinction than I had anticipated (which is a good thing-because now I have more to research!).  I am starting to work on my PowerPoint by adding animations and transitions to make it more visually appealing.  I will definitely be done by the deadline and I'm excited to present!

Monday, September 29, 2014


My project was originally about animal-human relationships, but after two days of research, I decided to change it to just extinction.  This is such a wide topic that I also am very passionate about.  So far, I have done lots of research.  I have found some very surprising facts.  Right now I do not have an exact plan for my project.  Probably a few more Fridays of research.  I think that I will focus on finding information first and then decide what is the best way to present it.  I want to make my presentation sort of like a Ted Talk, with a PowerPoint for assistance instead of just the main focus.  I will also add in some of my own opinions.  In the end, I hope to influence my classmates and also spread knowledge on my topic.
P.S. I know I used "I" a lot in this post.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I just recently switched my topic from Primate Psychology to Animals in Space.   I was researching famous primates and came across one named Albert, who was the first monkey sent into space.  I soon found out that there were three more "Alberts" that came after, all of whom died while on  the expedition.  Before I knew it, I was looking up all kinds of animals who had traveled to space.  Nearly all of them died.  I found this very appalling.  Sending animals unwillingly into space is completely unfair.  So, I decided to do my project about that.
So far, I have only worked one Friday, but right now I have about 6 slides done.  I will try to use the rest of my time wisely to finish my project on time.
What I have left to do:
-research more about the "Albert monkeys"
-learn if people still send animals into space
-research health risks to animals
-learn about the space capsules

Friday, November 15, 2013

So far, we have only completed about seven slides of our 20% project.  In the beginning, we did not spend our time wisely (example: Claire looking up pictures of quokkas).
Yeah we just wasted 20 minutes talking about summer camp... From now on we are going to work harder on our project and accomplish more.
To-Do List
-"9 Ways Technology Can Affect Your Brain"
-Technology and Family Life
-Add more pictures
-Add more slides
-Analyze Experiment Results
We can work on one of these each week to ensure our project will be complete in time.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ms. Mystrena is the best teacher ever.  This is because she does not agree with traditional grading system.  This week in ROGATE we are discussing all about grades.  We have had similar experiences with grades and sometimes they are an even larger problem, being "gifted students".
I think that the purpose of grades is to easily compare all students.  This is because the teachers who invented numerical grades were lazy.  It is much simpler to average, calculate and interpret numbers.  But in my opinion that system should not be used.
A 100 point scale is too much pressure on students.  For example, if the we used the 4 point scale from elementary school it would be much better.  Most kids would rather see a "3" (out of 4) on their report card that a "75" (out of 100).
Also, I don't think it's right to put a number value on student's intelligence.  Especially since different teachers grade differently- grading is subjective.  For instance, last year I had a low A in language arts, but this year I have a 99 or something.
In conclusion, I think we should switch to the standards based grading.  It is much more specific less harsh, and discourages comparison between students. Furthermore, I think that this will help communication between parents and children.  We should switch the grading system!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hello my name is Claire and this is my blog. 
So this year I am in 8th grade at Northern.  I am not doing any sports but I do dance so at least that is something active.  I am also involved in FBLA (aka Future Business Leaders of America) and the school play.  It is called Canterbury Tales.  The version we are doing is VERY stupid but it is also funny.  I don't know what part I have yet but I will tomorrow!  
So far school is pretty good.  Except in algebra we have so much homework.  As electives I am taking Spanish and Career Launch (Art second semester).  I signed up for Spanish and chorus but I got put in those so oh well...
Sooooo something positive about my life'm not sure.  Don't worry I am not depressed or anything I just can't think of stuff right now.  But if I get a good part in the play then that will be awesome so I will let you know what happens.